• How do I access the course?

    Click either "Sign In" or "Sign Up!" in the top right hand side of this site, and you should get directed to the course material or the checkout process. I'm sorry it isn't more streamlined right now - work in progress!

  • I forgot my log-in info . . . (yes, I realize that makes me sound like a student!)

    No big deal! I get that it can be a pain to manage so many accounts. But: all you have to do it click log-in in the top right, and then "forgot password" function. Sometimes Thinkific stuff gets caught in Spam, so be sure to check your Spam box if you don't see their follow-up email within a minute or two.

  • I'm trying to be a good sport about online PD, but it's making me nervous. Is there a human I can talk to during this course?

    Absolutely: book time with R.E.A.L. founder Liza Garonzik by using this link: https://calendly.com/lizacowan-1/after-real-consulting-session-with-liza?month=2020-07

  • I feel like I need to get in the zone before starting this. Do you have ideas for primer reading material?

    I was hoping someone would ask! Yes! Check out the blog - www.REALdiscussion.org/blog - for round-ups of GREAT material related to discussion. There are also some fun profiles of teachers to inspire you :)